The Honorary Consul, mrs. Elisabeth van Vliet

It was 2010 when I had first heard about Vanuatu. Friends of mine had come back with enthusiastic tales, so we decided to explore it for ourselves. In 2011, the first time we went we booked everything through a traveling agency. In our many beautiful excursions and travels we saw and learned to love the islands of Efate, Tanna and Espiritu Santo. It was love at first sight. Since 2011 we have traveled to Vanuatu five times already and explored quite a few islands along the way: Efate, Moso, Erakor Island, Espiritu Santo, Oyster Island, Aore, Tanna, Pentecost, Loh, Linua, Gaua, Moto Lava, Ra, Malekula and Wala. There are 83 islands in the archipelago of Vanuatu. That means we still have 68 islands to go!

As honorary consul my priority is to to promote Vanuatu as a holiday destination and trade partner in the Netherlands, to the benefit of the people of Vanuatu. This honorary consulship is a voluntary position. I do not get reimbursed in any way whatsoever. All these activities are done in my spare time.

In my professional career I am specialized in human resources. I work for Ajilon, part of Adecco Group Netherlands. I have worked for Adecco Group since 1998.