On this page I put interesting links regarding Vanuatu and the rest of Melanesia. You will also find several links to websites about West Papua. Although West Papua is part of Indonesia, the West Papua’s are also Melanesian. It is an integral part of the policy of all subsequent governments of Vanuatu, to support the Free West Papua campaign, that have been running several decades. Vanuatu uses political and diplomatic ways to support the campaign.

Honorary Consulate of Vanuatu in the Netherlands = listing on website of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A film by Jean Baptiste Calo:


Edgar Matasanvul (Many eyes) is from Vanuatu’s Penticost Island. He is a master sand drawing artist. I have met him in the National Museum of Vanuatu in Port Vila. It was great to watch him make traditional sand drawings.


Nabanga Pikinini a series of books of Vanuatu custom stories adapted for children.